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Open Channel

Device-centric mobile traffic management and analytics

Open Channel software products deliver device-based mobile traffic visibility, optimization, and management for wireless carriers. The Open Channel product line restores control over mobile data traffic to operators, reducing their costs and improving the customer experience for subscribers. Extending control to the mobile client gives operators the power to manage and optimize data traffic before it impacts the network. Device-based analytics offer more complete and timely insight than solutions that are solely network-based. Actionable mobile intelligence helps carriers to improve both service quality and network efficiency.

Open Channel Product Family

Open Channel Data Management Platform

Open Channel products reduce costs for mobile carriers and improve the customer experience for subscribers with device-based mobile traffic management and analytics.

Open Channel Products

Open Channel Traffic Optimization

relieves wireless network congestion by significantly reducing mobile signaling and the associated bandwidth consumption. It reduces network requests to a minimum by detecting redundant traffic patterns and by caching content on the client. Devices connect to the network only when updates are available, significantly reducing the impact of mobile signaling on network resources.

Open Channel Policy Management

enforces context-specific policies on the device, allowing carriers to manage mobile traffic much more effectively. Client-side management occurs before traffic can impact the network, in contrast to network-side management that occurs only after traffic has already consumed network resources. Policy Management also lets operators create innovative mobile service plans targeted to the needs of their subscribers.

Open Channel Edge Mobile Analytics

is a device-centric analytics platform for heterogeneous networks that provides operators with actionable insight into the factors that affect end-user experience, network efficiency, and service quality. It gives operators access to historical, near real-time, and predictive views of per-user application, network, device, and quality of experience (QoE) composite metrics.

Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE

maximizes Wi-Fi offloading and improves end-user experience. The software accurately measures quality of experience (QoE) in real time on all networks detected by the device, using multiple configurable parameters. Based on this assessment, the operator can decide when and where to drive offload to Wi-Fi sources. Carriers also gain detailed intelligence into mobile client behavior.

Open Channel Key Benefits

» Reduces costs for wireless operators

» Manages and optimizes mobile traffic

» Enables service plan creation targeted to customer needs

» Extends device battery life and improves subscriber experience

» Delivers comprehensive, actionable mobile intelligence

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