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SEVEN Networks enables Real Life, Real Time™ Mobile Apps with Android 2.2 Support and updated Push Platform

REDWOOD CITY, California – October 14th, 2010 –Today, SEVEN announced that Android 2.2 users can also experience Real Life, Real Time™ with SEVEN Mobile Apps. What SEVEN brings to Android is real-time content delivery for all email services, giving users their Gmail along with Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and any other email service all on the same interface – with access to all popular IM accounts as well. With SEVEN, Android users also get two-way calendar and contact syncing, the ability to select multiple messages for deletion or moving to a folder and account-specific signatures for work and personal email accounts.

Users are not the only ones to benefit from SEVEN push technology. Carriers and handset manufacturers can now respond to the exploding demand for interactive mobile apps with the confidence that these won't overload their networks. Most push notification solutions available today address the need for real-time notifications, but don't take into account the constraints of wireless communications and the limited resources of wireless networks and device battery - SEVEN does.

The announcement comes at a time when a worldwide survey of SEVEN users revealed that 86% of respondents list push-enabled real-time updates as an important feature on their mobile device. When asked why, many respondents listed business as the main reason, noting that automatic, instant updates allow them to stay in touch and quickly respond when travelling, while others said they simply enjoy the overall convenience.

"Consumers want their mobile device to serve as a real-time gateway to their life, which means more apps that can bring them more functionality," said Michael Luna, SEVEN chief technology officer.  "SEVEN gives wireless carriers and device manufacturers a platform to expand their services while reducing the costs of service delivery and controlling the amount of data traffic on their network."

SEVEN has taken the concept of push notification one step further and has optimized Ping®, its push technology, to not only deliver instant push notifications but to also deliver actual content, opening up the world of real-time push delivery for any type of app. Ping delivers this next-generation capability in a way that minimizes the resulting traffic on the network. Core to Ping is its ability to only initiate communications when actual data needs to be transferred. Early test results show a 5x reduction in data traffic and a 50% reduction in battery consumption compared to apps that use traditional interval polling or keep the device IP channel constantly open.

For more information, follow SEVEN on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/SEVEN_Networks.

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® is the leading provider of push-enabled mobile email and messaging solutions for mass market devices. The company is the first to provide wireless operators and device manufacturers with an integrated mobile platform that allows them to simplify the delivery of mobile data, applications, and services to a broad portfolio of devices. With services powered by SEVEN, operators and device manufacturers can increase customer loyalty and give subscribers access to the email and messaging services of their choice on the device of their choice. SEVEN's push-enabled email services are in production in 14 languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Finnish, among others. Today, SEVEN runs on more than 550 device models across six operating platforms.

SEVEN is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices around the globe. For more information, visit www.seven.com.

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