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SEVEN Networks CTO to Speak on Impact of Mobile App Traffic and Signaling on Wireless Networks as Part of RCR Wireless News Conference Series

REDWOOD CITY, California – November 8th, 2010 – SEVEN® Networks today announced that Michael Luna, chief technology officer, will speak as part of the RCR Wireless "Mobile Broadband: Innovation and Opportunity" event.

The RCR Local Speaker Series is the premier event covering the critical issues surrounding the growth of wireless networks around the world. Conference attendees will be able to interact with industry leaders about new mobile broadband investments required and learn how carriers, device manufacturers and mobile service providers can respond to the "data tsunami" resulting from the explosive growth of smart devices.

The rapid adoption of smartphones paired with increasing downloads of chatty applications is causing significant congestion on wireless networks and carriers need to find a way to address these issues without affecting the user experience. Michael is a pioneer in the wireless data industry and his experience makes him an asset to this conference series.

As CTO for SEVEN, Luna is responsible for the company's long-term technology and innovation strategy. Prior to joining SEVEN, Luna held leadership positions with AliphCom, Openwave Systems and 724 Solutions. Luna has co-authored industry standards and held industry leadership positions in OMA, WAP Forum, CDG, TIA and PCMIA.

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About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® is the leading provider of push-enabled mobile email and messaging solutions for mass market devices. The company is the first to provide wireless operators and device manufacturers with an integrated mobile platform that allows them to simplify the delivery of mobile data, applications, and services to a broad portfolio of devices. With services powered by SEVEN, operators and device manufacturers can increase customer loyalty and give subscribers access to the email and messaging services of their choice on the device of their choice. SEVEN's push-enabled email services are in production in 14 languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Finnish, among others. Today, SEVEN runs on more than 550 device models across six operating platforms.

SEVEN is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices around the globe. For more information, visit www.seven.com.

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