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SEVEN Joins the Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail for Mobile Services Reseller Program

SEVEN to Directly Resell Windows Live Hotmail Services to Wireless Operators, Enabling Faster Time to Market for Push Mobile Email Services

REDWOOD CITY, California – March 1st, 2010 – In a move to further strengthen its offerings for mobile operators, SEVEN®, the global leader in push-enabled mobile email and messaging solutions for mass market devices, today announces that it has joined the Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail for Mobile Services Reseller Program. Under the terms of the SEVEN and Microsoft Corp. global agreement, SEVEN is now able to directly resell Windows Live Hotmail services to operators across the globe spanning more than 50 countries, including China, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

By being part of Microsoft's reseller program, SEVEN gains direct access to Microsoft resources, enabling SEVEN to streamline the process for wireless operators worldwide by allowing operators to deal directly with SEVEN to deploy Windows Live Hotmail services for their mobile subscribers. In addition, operators benefit from a higher quality of service, better integration with Microsoft Live Hotmail, and proactive management of changes on both sides. Mobile subscribers will benefit from an improved experience on the device that mirrors the Windows Live Hotmail experience on the desktop.

"Everyday hundreds of millions of users rely on Microsoft's suite of programs and online services," said Ross Bott, President and CEO of SEVEN. "By becoming a reseller for Windows Live Hotmail, we are enabling our customers worldwide to tap into an established market with an already loyal customer base. This is especially important for the hundreds of operators that are looking at avenues to streamline the process between themselves and ISPs, all the while providing the highest quality of push mobile email services to their customers."

"As the world continues to become more mobile, it is important that we expand the reach to our Windows Live customers with high-quality and convenient access to their e-mail services in an un-tethered environment," said Andy Chu, Director Windows Live for Mobile Services at Microsoft. "Working with SEVEN allows us to deliver our e-mail services in a mobile environment through hundreds of mobile operators and on hundreds of devices. We believe that this real-time, all-the-time access will continue to drive customer loyalty and adoption."

SEVEN's inclusion in the Microsoft reseller program follows a long-term relationship between the two companies. SEVEN was the first mobile messaging vendor to deploy a Mobile Email client using the new MSP 3.0 protocol developed by Microsoft, which enabled SEVEN to provide a full push email and contact experience for Windows Live customers, including integration with the Microsoft notification framework. Push mobile, including push email and instant messaging services, is becoming increasingly important as operators look at ways to increase user adoption and retention.

Already, SEVEN has successfully certified hundreds of devices from a variety of manufacturers with Windows Live Hotmail , including HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and more.

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® is the leading provider of push-enabled mobile email and messaging solutions for mass market devices. The company is the first to provide wireless operators and device manufacturers with an integrated mobile platform that allows them to simplify the delivery of mobile data, applications, and services to a broad portfolio of devices. With services powered by SEVEN, operators and device manufacturers can increase customer loyalty and give subscribers access to the email and messaging services of their choice on the device of their choice. SEVEN's push-enabled email services are in production in 14 languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Finnish, among others. Today, SEVEN runs on more than 550 device models across six operating platforms.

SEVEN is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices around the globe. For more information, visit www.seven.com.

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