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SEVEN Experiences Boom in Worldwide Mobile Messaging Business

Company's Growth Fueled by Increased Demand for User-Friendly Mobile Email Services

Redwood City, CA – February 17th, 2009 – SEVEN®, a global leader in mobile email and messaging software, today announced it is experiencing a significant increase in its worldwide mobile messaging business, suggesting consumer demand for intuitive mobile messaging solutions has outstripped enterprise-oriented vendors in their ability to define dominance. More and more carriers now look to SEVEN to provide best in class, easy-to-use mobile messaging services on a wide range of devices in their portfolio.

"SEVEN provides a surefire way for operators to increase data revenue and decrease churn," said Ross Bott, President and CEO for SEVEN. "Compelling, affordable mobile messaging services allow carrier differentiation in a crowded arena, especially as the global marketplace becomes more challenging. SEVEN also empowers end users with the essential solutions they need to support their expanding mobile lifestyles while facing even greater pressure to control expenses and increase productivity."

While the faltering global economy imperils the costly, high-end devices and enterprise-oriented mobile email solutions, SEVEN's focus on best-in-class solutions for consumer-friendly devices has positioned the company for rapid, long-term growth. SEVEN currently processes two billion mobile e-mail transactions per month and synchronizes more than five million personal and business email inboxes, representing a year-over-year increase of more than 3x over 2007. Subscribership also tripled from 2006 to 2007.

Many industry analysts have already reported that, in 2008, the market segment for non-traditional phones - commonly labeled as "smartphones" - grew a lot faster than the overall market and is the only segment that will continue to grow in 2009. Users have come to realize what many devices can deliver services beyond voice telephony. As demand for mobile messaging increases, carriers worldwide are turning to SEVEN to provide those services in a cost-effective manner. SEVEN powers mobile email for more than 130 carriers, including six of the world's top 10. Increased momentum is evidenced by recent consumer email launches world wide including 3UK in Europe, China Unicom in Asia, and Alltel and U.S. Cellular in the United States.

Furthermore, the platform is compatible with more than 450 mobile devices across five major operating systems, including Android, BREW, J2ME, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile. SEVEN is already embedded and ready to be activated with only a few clicks on a growing range of consumer-friendly devices, such as the INQ1 for 3UK, the Samsung Delve for Alltel and the LG Lotus and Samsung Rant for Sprint. In particular, SEVEN has witnessed tremendous success on the Samsung Instinct which relies on Sprint's award winning One Click interface to provide combined and ultra-simplified access to both personal and business email.

SEVEN's user base speaks for itself regarding the true benefits of the platform. In a survey of 1000 subscribers, SEVEN found overwhelming evidence that mobile email is central to device usage. 93.5% use SEVEN's platform everyday—as much as they do voicemail. Usage of personal email has surpassed work email. And the majority of subscribers say mobile email makes their personal and business lives run more smoothly and more productively, and helps reduce stress in their daily lives.

SEVEN is a privately held company headquartered in the United States but with offices around the globe. For more information, visit www.seven.com. Mobile users with compatible phones can evaluate SEVEN Mobile Messaging solutions for email, calendar and contact synchronization at http://community.seven.com.

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