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SEVEN Brings Google Calendar™ to Millions of Mobile Devices

Empowers Operators and Device Manufacturers with the Ability to Offer One Solution for Personal and Business Calendar, Contacts and Email

International CTIA Wireless, Las Vegas – March 31, 2009 – SEVEN®, a global leader in mobile email and messaging software, today revealed an eagerly anticipated update to the SEVEN Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform. As a major enhancement to the user experience, SEVEN has extended its support for ISPs and web email services such as GmailTM to provide full calendar functionality on any mobile device currently supported by SEVEN.

Unlike vertically integrated solutions favoring one platform and one set of services in the cloud, SEVEN empowers true choice: mobile users can access the email services of their choice on the device of their choice. SEVEN provides users convenient access to the most popular corporate email, personal email, calendar and contacts applications—via one software interface. SEVEN is also compatible with all the major device platforms including Symbian, Microsoft, Java, Brew, Palm and Android.

"The addition of mobile calendar to Web mail services gives operators a wider market segment to target and a compelling new value proposition to win and keep customers," said David Ratner, senior vice president at SEVEN. "Gmail and Yahoo! Mail together represent more than 120 million unique visitors per month in the U.S. alone*. Currently, on the SEVEN user community, which is used to beta-test SEVEN's software, calendar synchronization is rated as one of the top two features of the solution."

The improved calendar access is an extension of System SEVEN's true push technology, which already delivers the most intuitive mobile messaging experience to more than 130 operators and more than 450 leading device models worldwide. The enhanced calendar support for Web email services allows mobile phone users to not only view calendar requests , but also update their calendar, create and delete appointments and more—right on their phone. Key features include:

  • Ability to accept, reject or reschedule meetings and appointments: users can manage their calendar the same way they would on their desktop, enabling them to better manage their time.
  • Real-time, two-way synchronization: with SEVEN's true push capabilities, calendar updates are automatically, in real-time, synchronized between the server and the mobile device. The two-way synchronization increases users' productivity by letting them manage their Google Calendar on their phone while ensuring that changes are reflected on the server.
  • Meeting reminders: reminders, one of users' favorite calendar capabilities, are also available. Users can choose between visual and/or sound alerts as reminders of upcoming meetings. Users can dismiss or snooze the reminder.
  • Read/Write Offline Accessibility: with SEVEN, the Google Calendar is also accessible offline, for access outside of coverage areas or in places where the use of mobile phones is banned. When offline, users can not only view their Google Calendar, but they can also create, edit and change calendar entries. Server synchronization occurs as soon as the phone is connected back to the network.

SEVEN will demonstrate the new calendar functionality at International CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas. The Google Calendar is also immediately accessible on the SEVEN community web site at to mobile users who are part of the SEVEN Beta program. The new service will be rolled-out in production at various carriers worldwide during Q2, 2009.

*Market data provided by Comscore International

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