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SEVEN Unveils Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform at CTIA

Complete mobile messaging suite provides simple, intuitive user experience, driving adoption and usage of mobile messaging services

CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment San Francisco – September 10, 2008 – SEVEN®, the global market leader in push email and mobile messaging software, today unveiled its Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform which is the first solution in the market to fully combine business email, personal email, contacts, and calendar, with voicemail, text, multimedia and instant messaging within one simple intuitive user experience. SEVEN redefines the state of the art in mobile messaging services, enabling mobile network operators, service providers and handset makers to offer a superior messaging experience across a wide range of mobile devices.

"SEVEN is applying its expertise in mobile email, and the success of our industry-leading products, to deliver additional, highly innovative, messaging solutions," said Ross Bott President and CEO of SEVEN. "At SEVEN, we are focused on delivering a superior mobile user experience, and delivering an integrated solution for messaging is a natural evolution of our product portfolio that offers significant benefits for carriers, device manufacturers and end users alike."

Setting a new direction for the future of mobile messaging services

Mobile network operators and service providers embrace the SEVEN Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform as a critical component of their data services strategy. It enables them to take the lead role in connecting mobile users to a wide range of Internet services. SEVEN's modular client technology enables service providers to upgrade and evolve device capabilities, over the life of the handset with OTA (over-the-air) updates to drive sustained data services revenue and increased customer loyalty.

For device manufacturers, the new, highly customizable, SEVEN platform promises both differentiation and an improved user experience compared to competing mobile devices. This becomes especially important as the handset market continues its rapid evolution beyond industrial design and shifts its focus to user experience as the next competitive frontier.

SEVEN's new platform unites innovative client technology and a robust data-services platform into a single powerful and intuitive solution. On the client side, it taps into the richly creative Adobe Flash ecosystem to deliver the best possible user experience, significantly reducing time to develop and launch new services and applications on mobile devices. SEVEN's skillful blending of Flash with its mobile client technology makes it possible, for the first time, to deliver a completely customized and branded mobile messaging experience with no changes to the underlying handset software.

SEVEN's Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform dramatically simplifies the user experience, to make messaging features immediately intuitive and useful, while still offering power features for experienced users. SEVEN has applied its years of experience and research with hundreds of devices to tune every aspect of the user experience. The benefits go beyond the user interface: by combining all forms of messaging into one application, network traffic is significantly streamlined —resulting in better battery life performance on mobile devices without any change to the hardware.

"Our vision has always been to extend our best-in-class mobile email product to include other forms of messaging," explained SEVEN Chief Technology Officer Trevor Fiatal. "Currently, separate mobile applications are needed to handle each type of message, including text, voice mail and email. Each of these applications has a different user interface and lacks the simple, intuitive sharing of resources possible in an integrated solution. The SEVEN Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform brings simplicity and ease-of-use to the extremely fragmented mobile messaging market."

The new SEVEN Integrated Mobile Messaging Platform is an extension of System SEVEN, SEVEN's current solution for mobile email which is compatible today with all major mobile platforms including BREW, J2ME, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

For more information about SEVEN and its mobile messaging solutions, visit www.seven.com

"Growth in the consumer market for messaging services will be fueled in large part by the increasing availability of easy-to-use wireless e-mail support, both in devices and from service providers," said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR. "Many users are frustrated with the volume of communications tools they have to deal with and the complexity with setting up the applications. Making the message content immediately available and obvious to the consumer will increase adoption and usage."

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