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SEVEN Engineers Best in Class Executive Teamwith Addition of Dr. David Ratner

Ratner Joins SEVEN as Senior Vice President, Engineering and Product Delivery

Redwood City, Calif. - July 10, 2008 — SEVEN, the global market leader in push email and mobile messaging software, has added Dr. David Ratner to its executive team as senior vice president of engineering and product delivery. Ratner will lead the innovation and creation of high-quality SEVEN products for its customers.

As the Senior Vice President of engineering and product delivery, Ratner will be responsible for the delivery and implementation of SEVEN's mobile software solutions with the company's more than 130 operator customers worldwide. Ratner is joining SEVEN with extensive experience in product management, engineering management architecture and software development. He most recently served as the senior vice president of the wireless products and solutions business unit at Carrier Access. Previously, Ratner held a variety of roles at Software.com and Openwave Systems including vice president of the messaging and communication business unit, vice president of the digital identity business unit, chief messaging strategist, and multiple engineering management, architecture, and coding roles.

"I've been working with the mobile operators for more than 10 years and have seen the traction mobile communications has continued to gain among the mainstream consumer," said Ratner. "Having strong relationships with device manufacturers, wireless carriers, ISP providers, and platform developers SEVEN is uniquely positioned in this industry to utilize its existing technology in data connectivity to make significant changes in how the consumer uses mobile communications. It's a very exciting time for SEVEN as we engineer solutions in mobile communications, particularly with my role in the company."

Ross Bott, CEO of SEVEN, said, "David will play an integral role in the development of SEVEN's solutions and his extensive experience in telecom engineering will provide the SEVEN team with tremendous insight and knowledge. SEVEN is in the unique position to have the resources, the technology and the relationships to revitalize the face of mobile communications and David's keen intelligence and passion for innovation will be pivotal as SEVEN moves forward David is a welcome addition to SEVEN as we go through this period of continued growth and expansion for the company."

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