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SEVEN Email Solution Brings Messaging to Dynamic AT&T Smart Devices - Including Palm Centro

AT&T Xpress Mail, Powered By SEVEN, Available On Wide Selection of Smart Devices

Redwood City, CA - February 20, 2008 - SEVEN, a global market leader in push email software, announced that its mobile e-mail solution is now available on more than 20 smart devices in AT&T's extensive device portfolio including the recently launched Palm Centro. AT&T Xpress Mail, powered by SEVEN, provides one-click access directly from the home screen to personal and business email making it easier than ever before for consumers and business users to be connected on their AT&T branded smart devices.

The Palm Centro featuring AT&T Xpress Mail, powered by SEVEN, provides a plethora of messaging options, contact and calendar management for the mobile-savvy user. AT&T subscribers can benefit from the multimedia services offered on the first compact Palm OS smartphone offered by AT&T along with touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, and USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

"AT&T's impressive device portfolio and push email services give customers more choices than ever," said Ross Bott, CEO of SEVEN. "AT&T offers smart devices with a wide range of mobile platforms, features and functionality so customers always have a mobile phone that meets their needs - and with SEVEN's versatile solution customers have a mobile email solution available that is compatible with their phone. Combining these smart devices with the SEVEN powered push email service and an unlimited data plan simplifies mobile email for the customer while making it easy to stay connected anywhere, anytime."

Unparalleled selection of smart devices

The unparalleled selection of smart devices from AT&T caters to meet the individual needs of its subscribers. Users can select a device with their preferred size, operating system and graphical user interface, as well as their applications and features. This makes it easy to setup via download, which is key for adoption, as most users are afraid that setup will be difficult and timely. Users will also benefit from having Xpress Mail conveniently available from the home screen of the device, providing easy access to email from popular email providers such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! as well as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well, among others.

"AT&T's SEVEN-powered Xpress Mail solution provides AT&T customers with a dynamic personal email service that exudes simplicity - from set-up to use," said Bryan Smoltz, director for AT&T's wireless unit. "This ease of use, functionality and adaptability to a variety of device platforms provided by SEVEN's solution has made it a popular choice among our customers and a valued component in AT&T industry-leading email portfolio."

Some devices available for XpressMail download include the recently launched Palm Centro, AT&T Tilt, Pantech Duo, Moto Q Global and the Samsung BlackJack II. Thanks to AT&T's industry-leading international wireless coverage, customers can not only access AT&T Xpress Mail on their smart devices in the U.S. but in more than 140 countries abroad.

With AT&T Xpress Mail, powered by SEVEN, AT&T's smart device lineup provide users real-time access to their email, calendar and contacts. All actions entered on the mobile or the PC are instantly mirrored on the devices so subscribers only manage one inbox and one calendar. Xpress Mail is conveniently included as a free feature in data plans, making it the most affordable option for accessing personal and business email on the go.

For pricing and specifications about AT&T's Smart Devices visit: www.ATT.com. For more information on SEVEN and its offerings, visit www.seven.com.

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