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Open Channel

Relief for congested wireless networks

Background activity from chatty mobile apps creates congestion as the radio network is overwhelmed with constant requests to connect. Mobile carriers experience increased costs as they are forced to increase radio network capacity. Subscribers experience lower service levels and shorter battery life.

Open Channel Traffic Optimization relieves network congestion by significantly reducing mobile signaling and bandwidth consumption. The software manages the exchange of control information and content between mobile devices and the network, using a patented client-based virtualized proxy and caching technology. It analyzes mobile application data requests, transparently detecting redundant traffic patterns and caching the results of unnecessary requests on the client. The Open Channel server polls for updates, so that the client connects to the network only when updates are available. On-device caching reduces unnecessary data traffic.

Unlike conventional techniques for addressing the signaling challenge, Open Channel Traffic Optimization conserves radio access network resources by optimizing data traffic at the source – the mobile client. The software reduces operators’ costs by delaying the need for expensive upgrades to wireless network infrastructure. It improves subscriber experience by increasing service levels and extending the battery life of mobile devices.

  Traffic Optimization Key Benefits

» Reduces wireless operator costs

» Conserves mobile network bandwidth

» Significantly reduces mobile signaling

» Delays the need for wireless infrastructure upgrades

» Extends device battery life and improves service levels

What’s behind
the Smartphone Signaling Storm?

What’s behind the Smartphone Signaling Storm?

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