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The Taming of the App: Measuring the Financial Impact of Mobile Traffic Optimization

Traffic Optimization

Measuring the financial impact of mobile traffic optimization

Chatty apps cause excessive mobile signaling as devices frequently connect to the carrier network to check for updates. This background signaling is invisible to the user, but the resulting congestion can overwhelm finite network resources and adversely affect the subscriber experience. Carriers face increased costs because they must add infrastructure to accommodate this mobile signaling storm.

This white paper, titled the “The Taming of the App,” was authored by Monica Paolini of Senza Fili Consulting. It models the financial impact of optimizing mobile traffic to reduce both signaling activity and the associated bandwidth consumption. Please complete the form below to download the white paper and learn more about the potential cost savings.

“Optimizing the behavior
  of chatty apps makes
  financial sense.”

   Monica Paolini
   Senza Fili Consulting

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