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Open Channel

Powerful on-device policy control for wireless operators

Wireless carriers lack control over mobile app behavior, which has caused them to lose control over mobile data traffic itself. At the same time, they have an opportunity to access vast untapped market potential by creating innovative new service plans addressing highly targeted customer needs. Unfortunately, they often lack adequate policy management capability to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the mobile marketplace.

Open Channel Policy Management is a software solution that lets wireless carriers centrally specify context-aware traffic management policies for enforcement on the mobile client. Application-specific policy management gives carriers powerful control over mobile data traffic, with granular service prioritization capability. It helps operators to ensure satisfactory service levels across the subscriber base when the volume of mobile data traffic threatens to create service outages. Unlike conventional network-side enforcement tools, client-side enforcement conserves radio network resources by applying policies at the mobile client – before traffic impacts the network.

The software simplifies the creation of a broad range of innovative mobile service plans tailored to the needs of the marketplace, helping operators to monetize their infrastructure investments. For example, an operator could offer an email-only data plan, or one that combines email and selected social media apps. By closely matching service plans to subscribers’ willingness to pay, operators better serve the needs of subscribers and accelerate customer acquisition.

 Policy Management Key Benefits 

» Enforces granular, context-aware policies at the mobile client

» Simplifies creation of targeted service plans

» Reduces costs for wireless operators

» Manages mobile traffic with centrally defined, policy-based controls

» Helps to prevent network overload and maintain satisfactory service levels

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