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Open Channel Edge Mobile Analytics

Device-centric data analytics platform for wireless carriers

Wireless operators lack adequate data to help them manage network service quality and ensure a satisfactory subscriber experience. As a result, they suffer from network inefficiencies, higher support costs, and increased subscriber churn.

Open Channel Edge Mobile Analytics is a device-centric analytics platform for heterogeneous networks that provides operators with actionable insight into the factors that affect end-user experience, network efficiency, and service quality. It gives operators access to historical, near real-time, and predictive views of per-user application, network, device, and quality of experience (QoE) composite metrics. The software enhances carriers’ understanding of what is happening on subscriber devices at the application, system, and network levels, automatically correlating data to identify causal links between variables.

A device-centric view of the wireless environment provides near real-time feedback that corresponds closely to the actual moment-to-moment subscriber experience, and greatly complements network-centric analytics solutions such as deep packet inspection.

Edge Mobile Analytics answers questions posed by many different groups within a mobile network operator, including network operations, customer care, device/hardware teams, security, marketing, product teams, and executive management. It also provides answers to questions of importance to handset OEMs and application developers.

Unlike traditional mobile analytics solutions, Edge Mobile Analytics combines with other Open Channel products for traffic optimization, policy management, and Wi-Fi offloading to dramatically increase carriers’ power to take action on the mobile intelligence gained.

Open Channel Edge QoE Analytics is the first product to be released on the Edge Mobile Analytics platform, providing near real-time insight into heterogeneous network performance and subscriber quality of experience. It calculates end-user QoE based upon a broad range of variables, very precisely representing the actual subscriber experience at the application level.

  Edge Mobile Analytics Key Benefits

» Delivers comprehensive device-centric mobile analytics

» Dramatically increases operators’ ability to take action on mobile intelligence when used with other Open Channel products

» Provides a consistent basis for comparing subscriber experience across heterogeneous networks

» Accelerates identification of network and service issues

» Offers flexible data presentation and export capabilities

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