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Open Channel

Intelligent Wi-Fi Offload Management Software

Operators seek to relieve the burden placed on overloaded mobile networks by offloading traffic to local Wi-Fi networks that they own or sponsor. However, they often lack adequate control to push traffic to Wi-Fi, and suboptimal offloading decisions can lead to an adverse end-user experience.

Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE software gives carriers powerful policy-based control of offloading decisions, allowing them to maximize offloading opportunities. Carriers centrally define policies for enforcement at the mobile client, driving the offloading behavior of subscriber devices. Driving data traffic to Wi-Fi sources frees radio network resources and ensures that network capacity utilization is optimized.

The Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE client software installs as a mobile app on the end user’s device. Subscribers can define rules to fine-tune the behavior of the client when Wi-Fi sources become available, allowing them to customize their experience within carrier-defined parameters.

Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE ensures uninterrupted service delivery for mobile applications as devices move between the wireless carrier network and Wi-Fi. Seamless mobility gives operators the power to provide a superior end-user experience while offloading traffic from the mobile network. The software acts as an intermediary between applications and the radio interface so that applications perform as if connected continuously to the same radio source. Even latency-sensitive mobile applications such as streaming video perform at a satisfactory level as the source of wireless connectivity changes.

Operators gain actionable mobile intelligence to help in managing day-to-day network operations and planning capacity expansion. They get deep insight into Wi-Fi network utilization patterns, allowing them to identity areas where more Wi-Fi capacity is required.

  Wi-Fi QoE Key Benefits

» Maximizes Wi-Fi offloading

» Empowers carriers with policy-based control

» Delivers deep insight into mobile client behavior

» Improves network capacity utilization

» Enhances end-user quality of experience during offloading

CEO Ross Bott
Entrepreneur of the Year

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